The Northwest Territories Minister responsible for seniors, Julie Green, highlights the importance of celebrating Seniors Month.

Seniors Month is an annual event that honors and recognizes the contributions and achievements of older adults in the community.

Minister Green emphasizes the need to show appreciation and gratitude towards seniors who have played vital roles in society.

The article discusses various activities and events organized to engage and celebrate seniors throughout the month.

 These events include social gatherings, wellness programs, educational sessions, and opportunities for seniors to share their experiences and wisdom.

The aim of Seniors Month is to combat isolation, promote social connection, and enhance the overall well-being of older adults.

Minister Green emphasizes the importance of intergenerational e participation of younger generations in Seniors Month activities.

The article highlights the resilience and strength of seniors, acknowledging their valuable contributions to families, communities, and the territory as a whole.

Julie Green concludes by expressing gratitude to seniors for their wisdom, guidance, and the rich legacy they leave for future generations.

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