Andreas Ehn, the former CTO of Spotify, has transitioned from his role at the music streaming giant to embark on a new venture.

 Ehn is currently focused on building a thriving startup ecosystem in Sweden, specifically in Stockholm and other major cities.

As part of this effort, he co-founded a startup called Wrapp, which aims to enhance the relationship between merchants and rsonalized rewards and offers.

 Ehn's experience and expertise in technology and entrepreneurship have made him a key figure in Sweden's startup scene.

He also serves as an angel investor, supporting and mentoring early-stage startups in their growth and development.

Ehn believes in the importance of fostering a collaborative environment for startups, where founders can learn from each and resources.

 His contributions to the Swedish startup ecosystem have helped attract international attention and investment,  innovation.

Ehn is actively involved in promoting diversity and inclusion within the startup community, recognizing the value of diverse perspectives and experiences.

Andreas Ehn continues to leave a lasting impact on the tech industry through his entrepreneurial endeavors and dedication

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