Shikhar Dhawan, Indian cricketer, takes full responsibility for his failed dive during a recent match and admits his mistake.

 Dhawan acknowledges that he should have avoided attempting the dive and believes it was his own decision that led to the error.

 The cricketer expresses disappointment over the incident, emphasizing that he let his team down by not being able to contribute effectively.

Dhawan accepts that his decision to dive was a poor one and understands the negative consequences it had on his performance.

The Indian batsman highlights the importance of learning from mistakes and vows to avoid making similar errors in the future.

Despite the mishap, Dhawan remains determined and motivated to continue performing well for his team.

The cricketer expresses gratitude towards his fans for their support and assures them that he will bounce back stronger.

Dhawan acknowledges the need for self-analysis and working on improving his decision-making abilities on the field.

 The Indian cricket team stands behind Dhawan, recognizing his commitment and resilience, and believes in his ability to bounce back.

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