MS Rachel, a popular online star, has responded to backlash over her use of gender-neutral pronouns in a heartwarming video.

The star, known for sharing videos with kids on various topics, faced criticism for using "they/them" pronouns instead of gender-specific ones.

 In her response, MS Rachel explains the importance of inclusivity and creating a safe space for everyone to express their true identities.

 She emphasizes the significance of respecting others' pronoun choices and encourages her followers to educate themselves on gender diversity.

MS Rachel shares personal experiences and stories of individuals who have faced discrimination due to their gender identity.

The video aims to promote understanding, empathy, and acceptance, highlighting the need for a more inclusive society.

 The star's response has received widespread support, with many praising her for using her platform to advocate for inclusivity.

 Social media users have shared personal stories and expressed gratitude for MS Rachel's efforts in raising awareness about pronoun usage.

 This powerful response serves as a reminder of the importance of embracing diversity and promoting a more inclusive and understanding world.

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