Indian cricketer Mohammad Shami's wife approaches the Supreme Court to challenge a Calcutta High Court order.

Shami's wife seeks protection from her husband's alleged physical and mental abuse SC Against Calcutta High Court Order

The Calcutta High Court had granted Shami access to their daughter but directed him to provide financial support.

Shami's wife alleges that the High Court ignored her plea for protection and failed to consider her well-being.

 She claims that her husband has a history of domestic violence and his actions have caused her severe distress.

The Supreme Court will now examine the matter and decide whether the High Court's decision was appropriate.

 Shami, an Indian cricketer, has been embroiled in a legal battle with his wife over their marital issues.

 The case highlights the importance of addressing domestic violence allegations and protecting the rights of victims.

The Supreme Court's verdict will have significant implications for the future of the case and potentially set a precedent for similar situations.

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