Matt Lauer's Net Worth and the Impact of His Controversial Exit from NBC largely earned through his television news career and various television hosting

 Matt Lauer, a prominent American television host, has faced a significant decline in his net worth following his controversial departure from NBC.

 Lauer, known for his long tenure on the popular morning show "Today," was abruptly fired in 2017 due to allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace.

 Prior to the scandal, Lauer had amassed a substantial fortune, with his estimated net worth reaching around $80 million.

 Lauer's net worth primarily stemmed from his lucrative contract with NBC, which reportedly paid him an annual salary of $25 million.

Lauer faced financial setbacks as his contract was terminated, leading to a loss of income and potential future earnings.

 The scandal also tarnished Lauer's reputation, leading to a decline in endorsement deals and other lucrative opportunities.

Lauer's divorce settlement with his former wife, Annette Roque, also impacted his net worth as he was required to pay a significant sum,

The exact current net worth of Lauer is difficult to ascertain, but it is believed to have decreased substantially from his previous estimated worth.

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