PSG captain Marquinhos speaks out about Lionel Messi's treatment by the club's fans, warning them to appreciate the superstar's contributions.

Marquinhos acknowledges that Messi's arrival has raised expectations but emphasizes the need for patience as he adapts to a new team and league.

The Brazilian defender urges PSG supporters to show understanding and give Messi time to settle in, highlighting his immense talent and potential impact.

Messi is a human being who needs support, emphasizing that negativity can hinder his performance and overall team cohesion.

The PSG captain appeals for a positive atmosphere at matches, encouraging fans to create an environment where Messi feels valued and motivated.

His own experience of joining PSG and the time it took to adapt, empathizing with Messi's challenge of adjusting to a different style of play.

Marquinhos' comments may be an attempt to preemptively address any potential backlash or impatience from fans towards Messi.

PSG to succeed with their star-studded squad, making it crucial for fans to support and appreciate Messi's contributions.

Marquinhos concludes by expressing confidence in Messi's abilities and asking fans to trust the team's process, emphasizing the importance

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