Sam Brownback, former U.S. ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom, warns of growing threats to religious freedom both domestically and abroad.

Brownback cites the rise of secularism and intolerance towards religion as major threats to religious freedom.

 He believes that governments have a responsibility to protect religious freedom and should work to combat discrimination and persecution of religious minorities.

Brownback highlights the importance of religious freedom in promoting peace and stability, citing examples such as the role of interfaith dialogue

He calls for more education and awareness on the importance of religious freedom and the need to protect it.

Brownback also emphasizes the need for greater cooperation between governments, faith-based organizations, and civil society groups in promoting and protecting religious freedom.

He believes that freedom of religion is a fundamental human right and that it should be protected for all individuals, regardless of their faith or beliefs.

Brownback stresses that the threats to religious freedom are not limited to any one country or region and that they require a global response.

He calls on individuals and governments to take action to protect and promote religious freedom and to stand up against intolerance and discrimination based on religion.

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