Elon Musk responds to David Sacks' query on whether Ukraine could face a situation similar to Afghanistan.

Sacks, an entrepreneur and investor, expressed concerns about the potential geopolitical conflict and its consequences.

Musk acknowledges Sacks' question, stating it is a significant concern and implies the possibility of Ukraine facing a similar fate.

The Tesla CEO emphasizes the importance of avoiding conflicts and promoting diplomacy and de-escalation.

 Sacks highlights the vulnerabilities Ukraine might face due to its location, bordering Russia and being caught in geopolitical tensions.

 Both Sacks and Musk engage in a discussion about the potential outcomes of the situation and the global ramifications.

 Sacks points out that Ukraine's situation might have implications for other regions and could potentially lead to further conflicts.

 The conversation raises awareness about the escalating tensions in Ukraine and the need for international attention and diplomatic efforts.

The interaction between Musk and Sacks underscores the significance of global stability and the potential geopolitical instability.

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