Aubrey O'Day, a former Danity Kane member, alleges her first sexual encounter with Donald Trump Jr. took place in a bathroom of a gay club.

O'Day revealed the alleged incident in an interview, describing it as an unexpected and secretive encounter Trumps' personal lives

O'Day claims that she and Trump Jr. had a connection and that he pursued her, despite being married to his now ex-wife, Vanessa Trump.

According to O'Day, Trump Jr. told her that he and Vanessa had an open relationship, which she later discovered was untrue.

O'Day expresses regret and feels she was deceived, sharing that the situation caused her significant emotional pain.

The alleged encounter adds to the controversy surrounding the Trump family, particularly Donald Trump Jrshedding light on their relationship during the

 O'Day's revelation has sparked intense public interest, with many questioning the authenticity of her claims and the motivations behind her disclosure.

While the alleged incident remains unverified, O'Day's account has generated substantial media coverage and further about the Trumps' personal lives.

They attended a prominent gay party together, where the sexual encounter allegedly took place. O’Day mentioned that despite Trump

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