Public Display of Affection: Viral Video of Couple Kissing on Delhi Metro Sparks Debate on Social Media

The article discusses the backlash a couple faced after a video of them kissing on the Delhi Metro went viral on social media. Many people on Twitter expressed their anger and disgust towards the couple, citing it as an example of public display of affection (PDA) going too far. The article delves into the topic of PDA, its cultural context in India, and how social media has amplified the debate surrounding it.

The article highlights the differing attitudes towards PDA in Indian culture, with some viewing it as a taboo and others accepting it as a part of normal behavior. It also addresses the impact of social media in publicizing incidents such as this and how it has given people a platform to voice their opinions and engage in public discourse.

Overall, the article presents a balanced view of the controversy surrounding the viral video. It acknowledges the various opinions and cultural beliefs surrounding PDA, while also recognizing the impact of social media on public perception and discourse. It also emphasizes the importance of respecting individual freedom and choice, while also acknowledging the need to consider social norms and cultural sensitivity.

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