MLB Trade Deadline 2023: Top Deals, Teams to Watch, and What to Expect


The biggest deal of the trade deadline so far has been the acquisition of Max Scherzer by the Texas Rangers. The three-time Cy Young winner was traded from the New York Mets in exchange for a package of prospects. Scherzer gives the Rangers a major boost in their quest to win the AL West.


Another big deal was the trade of Randal Grichuk and C.J. Cron from the Colorado Rockies to the Los Angeles Angels. The Angels have been looking to add some power to their lineup, and Grichuk and Cron certainly fit the bill.

The Chicago Cubs have also been active, acquiring Jeimer Candelario from the Washington Nationals and Sean Murphy from the Oakland Athletics. Candelario is a solid all-around hitter, while Murphy is a top-flight catcher.

The teams to watch at the trade deadline are the ones that are in contention and looking to make a playoff push. The New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Houston Astros are all in this category.

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The Yankees are looking for an upgrade in the outfield, while the Dodgers could use another starting pitcher. The Astros are always looking to add depth, especially in the bullpen.

The teams to sell at the trade deadline are the ones that are out of contention and looking to rebuild. The Mets, Chicago Cubs, and Washington Nationals are all in this category.

The Mets have already traded Max Scherzer, and they could be looking to move other players as well. The Cubs and Nationals are both in the early stages of rebuilding, so they could be sellers as well.

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