Lizzo Accused of Sexual Harassment and Weight-Shaming: What We Know So Far


The allegations first surfaced on Twitter on Tuesday, when a woman named Grace Sewell tweeted that Lizzo had groped her without her consent at a meet-and-greet in 2015. Sewell said that Lizzo had also made comments about her weight that made her feel uncomfortable.


Other women have since come forward with similar allegations. One woman said that Lizzo had touched her inappropriately at a concert in 2019. Another woman said that Lizzo had made comments about her weight that made her feel self-conscious.

Lizzo has not yet responded to the allegations. However, her representatives have said that she “denies any wrongdoing.”

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The allegations against Lizzo have sparked a debate on social media about the intersection of body positivity and consent. Some people have argued that Lizzo’s body-positive message should not be used to justify sexual harassment. Others have said that the allegations against Lizzo should be taken seriously, regardless of her body image.

The allegations against Lizzo are still under investigation. However, they have already had a significant impact on her reputation. Lizzo’s music has been removed from some streaming playlists, and she has been dropped by several sponsors.

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