Gunna Breaks Silence with Powerful Music Video ‘Bread & Butter’ After RICO Case Release


Atlanta rapper Gunna recently released the song and video for “Bread & Butter” after being incarcerated and subsequently released due to the YSL RICO case. The black-and-white visual, directed by Left, depicts Gunna driving a Porsche through the Hollywood hills while being followed by a flying crow. In the song, Gunna addresses critics and former associates who accused him of snitching upon his release from jail in December 2022. He dismisses these claims and expresses his disappointment in those who turned against him, stating that he was tricked into making a statement by prosecutors who promised an early release.

Gunna Breaks Silence with Powerful Music Video 'Bread & Butter' After RICO Case Release

Gunna also reflects on the financial impact of the case and how it revealed his true friends. He pleaded guilty to a racketeering conspiracy charge and received a five-year sentence with time served. If he completes 500 hours of community service, the remainder of his sentence will be suspended. Gunna asserts that he did not cooperate with authorities and has no intention of being involved in the trial process.

Gunna’s fellow YSL member, Young Thug, is still awaiting release, with jury selection having taken place earlier this year. The trial is expected to last approximately eight months once it commences. Gunna remains steadfast in his stance, stating that he will not testify but can invoke the Fifth Amendment if called upon by prosecutors.

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