Diljit Dosanjh Denies Reports of Romance with Taylor Swift


Diljit Dosanjh Reacts to Reports About Him Getting Cosy with Taylor Swift in Vancouver: ‘There is Something Called Privacy…’

Diljit Dosanjh, the popular Punjabi singer and actor, has reacted to reports that he was spotted getting cosy with Taylor Swift at a restaurant in Vancouver.

The reports, which were published by several media outlets, claimed that Dosanjh and Swift were seen holding hands and laughing together at the restaurant. They also claimed that the two were seen leaving the restaurant together in a car.

Dosanjh has now taken to Twitter to deny the reports. He tweeted, “There is something called privacy. I am a human being too. I have a family too. Please respect my privacy.”

Swift has not yet commented on the reports.

The reports of Dosanjh and Swift getting cosy have come as a surprise to many fans. The two have never been seen together before, and there has been no indication that they are dating.

However, it is possible that the two are simply friends. Dosanjh and Swift have both worked in the music industry, and they may have met through mutual friends.

It is also possible that the reports of Dosanjh and Swift getting cosy are simply false. The media outlets that published the reports did not provide any concrete evidence to support their claims.

Until Swift or Dosanjh comment on the reports, it is impossible to say for sure what is going on. However, Dosanjh’s tweet has made it clear that he is not happy about the reports, and he has asked for privacy.

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It is important to respect Dosanjh’s privacy and to avoid spreading rumours about his personal life.

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