David Phelps Net Worth – Biography, Income, Cars, Age & Family


David Phelps is an American Christian music singer, songwriter, and vocal arranger David Phelps net worth of $6 million. Phelps is among the most multitalented gospel artists worldwide. This multitalented multimillionaire gospel artist is also a multi-instrumentalist as he can play several musical instruments, including guitar, piano, and trumpet. 

He is also a trained vocalist with a solid classical music background. He is known for his powerful spectacular voice and ability to perform various musical styles, from traditional hymns to contemporary worship music. With his classical music and vocal talent, David has been able to bless people worldwide, which also led to his recognition and wins. 

What do I mean? David is among the gospel artists who have been able to scoop several awards, including the Grammy awards and Dove awards. David Phelps came from a Christian-based family who are also blessed with great singing vocals. This explains why he has immense talent in the music industry. Besides being a globally recognized gospel artist, David also has a successful life, career, and family worth knowing about. 

Below is a detailed review of David Phelps’ net worth, biography, lifestyle, career, achievements, family, and others.

David Phelps Net Worth

David Phelp Net Worth

David Phelps is an American Christian music singer, songwriter, and vocal arranger who has a net worth of $6 million. He has been in the music industry for over 30 years and has released over 20 albums, both as a solo artist and as a member of the Gaither Vocal Band. He has also won numerous awards, including two Grammy Awards and five Dove Awards.

Phelps’s net worth is largely derived from his music career. He has toured extensively throughout the United States and Canada, and his albums have sold millions of copies. He has also earned money from songwriting royalties, publishing deals, and endorsement deals.

In addition to his music career, Phelps is also a successful businessman. He owns a music publishing company and a record label. He also invests in real estate.

Phelps is a devout Christian and uses his music to share his faith with others. He is a role model for many young people and is known for his positive attitude and his commitment to his family.

Overall, David Phelps is a successful musician and businessman who has amassed a net worth of $6 million. His music career is the primary source of his wealth, but he has also earned money from songwriting royalties, publishing deals, endorsement deals, and business ventures.

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David Phelp Biography

Real nameDavid Norris Phelps
Date of BirthOctober 21, 1969
David Phelps Age53
Birth PlaceTexas
David Phelps Height5 feet 8 inches
David Phelps Weight70 kg
Marital StatusMarried 
David Phelps Children4
ProfessionRecording gospel Artist
David Phelps Net worth$6 million

David Phelps, also known as David Norris Phelps, was born on October 21, 1969, in Tomball, Texas. He is a professional singer and songwriter known for his powerful tenor voice and passionate performances. His performances in various Christian music festivals and concerts have gained a large following. David grew up singing in church and school choirs. After studying music education in college, Phelps began his professional career as a member of the Gaither Vocal Band, a renowned Christian music group.

Throughout his career, Phelps has released numerous solo albums featuring a mix of David Phelps songs and covers of traditional hymns and contemporary Christian hits. His albums have earned critical acclaim and multiple Grammy and Dove awards. In addition to his successful recording career, Phelps has toured extensively, performing in front of large audiences worldwide. Through his performance, sales of CDs, and other records, David is estimated to be worth about 6 million dollars.

In addition to his music career, Phelps is also an active supporter of various charitable organizations, including Compassion International, a Christian child sponsorship organization. He and his wife also founded the David Phelps Family Foundation, which provides financial support to needy families.

Phelps is known for his commitment to spreading hope and love through his music and personal life. He is a devoted husband to his wife and four children.

Here are some additional details about David Phelps’ ethnicity, religion, and political views

  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Political views: Not publicly known, but has spoken out against racism and discrimination
David Phelps show

David Phelp Career

David Phelps began his music career in the early 1990s as a member of the Gaither Vocal Band, a popular Christian music group led by Bill Gaither. During his time with the group, Phelps contributed vocals to numerous albums and tours and helped to solidify the band’s place in the Christian music scene. His seemingly endless vocal range, which extends more than three octaves, coupled with his gift for communicating a song, has brought the house down in the world’s most prestigious venues. 

In the late 1990s, Phelps decided to pursue a solo career and released his debut album, “I Am Willing,” in 1998. The album was well-received and spawned several hit singles, including “I Am Willing” and “I Can Only Imagine.”

In the following years, Phelps continued to release successful albums and singles, including “One Heart at a Time,” “Freedom,” and “Hymns and Voices.” He has also made numerous appearances, including on the Gaither Homecoming television series and the Dove Awards.

In addition to his music career, Phelps is also an accomplished live performer, having toured extensively throughout the United States and internationally. He is known for his dynamic stage presence and ability to connect with audiences through his influential and emotional performances.

David Phelps has had a successful and enduring career in the Christian music industry. His powerful voice and vibrant performances have earned him a devoted fan base and numerous accolades.

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List of David Phelps Songs

David Phelps is a Christian music vocalist, songwriter, and vocal arranger. He is best known for singing tenor in the Gaither Vocal Band. He has also released several solo albums, including four Christmas collections.

Here are some of David Phelps’ most popular songs:

  • “End of the Beginning”
  • “No More Night”
  • “We Shall Behold Him”
  • “Heaven’s Shore”
  • “Your Time Will Come”
  • “Freedom”
  • “I Believe”
  • “The Great I Am”
  • “I’ll Stand”

These songs are all popular for their catchy melodies, uplifting lyrics, and David Phelps’ powerful vocals. They have been featured on Christian radio stations and have been sung by churches and individuals all over the world.

If you’re a fan of Christian music, then you’re sure to enjoy David Phelps’ songs. He is a talented vocalist and songwriter who has created some of the most popular Christian songs of all time.

David Phelps Net Worth tour


  • Winner of the Dove Award for Male Vocalist of the Year in 2008
  • Phelps was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance in 2012
  • Has had multiple Billboard chart-topping albums and singles
  • Has sold 2 million records worldwide
  • Has maintained successful solo tours in the US and internationally
  • Multiple collaborations with other Christian artists and gospel choirs
  • Involvement in various charitable and humanitarian efforts, including founding the David Phelps Family Ministry and supporting organizations such as Samaritan’s Purse and Compassion International.


  • Winner of the Dove Award for Male Vocalist of the Year in 2008
  • He was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance in 2012
  • Involvement 

David Phelps Height, Weight and Physical Info

Some of the fans love to know about the physical status of their favorite celebrities. Fan followers are always having craze on physical sturucture like hight, weight, eye colors, body shape and so on. We can feel about it. In case of height, David Phelps is 1.98 meter tall. His weight is approximately 70 kg. The Weight varies from time to time, here you get the latest weight.

David Phelps’ Powerful Rendition of O Holy Night Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

David Phelps’ rendition of O Holy Night is a powerful and moving performance that will send chills down your spine. His soaring vocals and passionate delivery bring the lyrics to life, and the song is sure to touch your heart.

Phelps’ version of O Holy Night is a classic Christmas carol that has been covered by many artists. However, his interpretation is truly unique. He sings with such emotion and conviction that it is impossible not to be moved by his performance.

If you are looking for a truly special way to celebrate Christmas, I highly recommend listening to David Phelps’ O Holy Night. It is a truly magical performance that will stay with you long after the holidays are over.

Here are some additional details about David Phelps’ O Holy Night:

  • It was released on his 2000 album, “O Holy Night: A Live Holiday Celebration.”
  • The album was recorded live at the Alabama Theatre in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Phelps’ performance of O Holy Night was praised by critics and fans alike.
  • The song has been streamed over 10 million times on Spotify.
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David Phelp Income details

David Phelps started his career in the 90s as a band member before venturing into a solo career. David Phelps has released numerous albums and performed at concerts and events worldwide, which has earned him a lot of money. He is a thriving Christian singer and likely generates income through album sales, touring, merchandise, and possibly endorsements or sponsorships. Other than that, Phelps is also a songwriter, vocal arranger, and publisher.

David Phelps wife

David Phelp Lifestyle 

Although David Phelps has a net worth of 6 million dollars, his lifestyle is super private. He resides in Nashville, Tennessee, but there needs to be informed about the size and kind of house he lives in with his family. Also, there needs to be more information about the car/cars he drives. However, his net worth created a comfortable home for his family.

David Phelp Net Family Wife, kids, and parents

While studying music at Baylor, David met Lori Purtle, who has been his wife and rock-solid partner in his career for three decades. They have been married since 1997 and have four great kids together. Their names are Coby, Grant, Maggie, Beth, and Callie. David Phelps’ wife, Lori Phelps, is a singer and often performs with him during his concerts and tours. She has also released several solo albums and has appeared on several of David’s albums as a background vocalist.


David and Lori have four children – Coby, Grant, Maggie Beth, and Callie.

”My life is about my family right now,” David told Cross Walk in 2006. ”My wife and I have been married 13 years. We try to make God and the worship of God a part of our daily lives.”

David Phelps Wife Lori Battled Stage IV Colon Cancer for 8 Years

Lori Phelps, the wife of Christian music singer David Phelps, died on February 25, 2021, after an 8-year battle with stage IV colon cancer. She was 51 years old.

Lori was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. She underwent surgery to remove the tumour, but the cancer had already spread to her liver. She underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatment, but the cancer eventually became too aggressive.

Lori was a strong and courageous woman who fought her cancer with grace and determination. She was a devoted wife and mother, and she was loved by many. She will be deeply missed.

Here are some additional details about Lori Phelps’ cancer:

  • She was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in 2013.
  • The cancer had spread to her liver by the time she was diagnosed.
  • She underwent surgery to remove the tumour, but the cancer was too aggressive.
  • She underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatment, but the cancer eventually spread to other parts of her body.
  • She died on February 25, 2021, at the age of 51.

Lori Phelps’ battle with cancer was a long and difficult one, but she never gave up hope. She was a source of inspiration to many people, and her story will continue to touch the lives of others for years to come.


Where does David Phelps live now?

David Phelps currently resides in Franklin, Tennessee. He moved to the Nashville area in 2011 and lives there with his wife and three children.

Is David Phelps still singing?

Yes, David Phelps is still singing. He has released several studio albums since his debut in 1995 and continues to tour around the world performing his music. In recent years, he has also become a sought-after collaborator with other artists and producers, lending his vocal talents to many different projects.

How old is David Phelps now?

David Phelps is currently 43 years old.

Who is David Phelps family?

David Phelps is the son of Dr. Gene and Mary Alice Phelps. He has four siblings: Coby, Grant, Maggie, Beth, and Callie. His father is a former pastor and his mother is an accountant. David’s grandmother was a gospel singer, which led him to pursue music at an early age.


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