Cardi B’s Candid Revelation: Missing Her Old Life Amidst Success Sparks Debate!


Cardi B recently responded to a fan’s question about her new remix with Latto, expressing that despite her accomplishments, she sometimes misses her old life. She acknowledged this feeling as part of growing up and attributed it to her focus now being on her children rather than herself. Cardi dismissed the fan’s criticism about her posing with guns and reliving her past, stating that she won’t complain and hyped up the remix.

Some users on social media didn’t appreciate Cardi’s explanation, with one commenter pointing out the struggles of others and another expressing scepticism about her claim of being bored with having everything. However, some fans came to Cardi’s defence, emphasizing her humanity and highlighting that she wasn’t born into wealth.

In addition to the social media exchange, Cardi B recently shared a glimpse of her daily life as a “regular person” by touring her garage. She showcased a red Ferrari SUV gifted by her husband Offset, as well as a black Maybach SUV and more. In the video, she jokingly remarked about the cars collecting dust and suggested selling them. Overall, Cardi B’s response to the fan’s question and her behind-the-scenes glimpse reveals her acknowledgement of the changes in her life and her continued connection to her roots.

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