Cardi B Tosses Microphone at Concertgoer After Drink Is Thrown at Her on Stage


The incident occurred during Cardi B’s set at Drai’s Beachclub. Video footage of the incident shows Cardi B performing her hit song “Bodak Yellow” when someone in the crowd throws a drink at her. Cardi B is initially stunned, but then she quickly retaliates by throwing her microphone at the person.


The person who threw the drink was reportedly escorted out of the venue by security. Cardi B continued her performance without further incident.

The incident is the latest in a troubling trend of concertgoers throwing objects at performers. In recent months, there have been several incidents of artists being hit by bottles, drinks, and other objects. In some cases, the objects have caused serious injuries.

It is unclear why the concertgoer in Las Vegas threw a drink at Cardi B. However, the incident has sparked outrage among fans and other artists. Many people have criticized the concertgoer for their actions, and some have called for stricter security measures at concerts.

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Cardi B has not commented publicly on the incident. However, she did post a video on social media in which she thanked her fans for their support. She also said that she was not injured in the incident.

The incident is a reminder of the dangers that performers face when they are on stage. It is important for concertgoers to respect the artists and to refrain from throwing objects at them.

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