Armaan Malik Net Worth – Biography, Income, Cars, Age & Family

Armaan Malik is an Indian YouTuber & content creator who is known for his family, fitness, and music-related content that he uploads to his channel titled Family Fitness. With over 2 million subscribers, Armaan has built a strong following for his entertaining and informative videos.

In addition to his YouTube success, Armaan is also known for being married to two women at once. Both of his wives are also social media personalities, making them unique and interesting families to follow. Despite the unconventional nature of his marriage, Armaan & his wives have been able to make it work & they often share their experiences and advice on their respective social media channels.

Whether you’re looking for family-friendly content, workout tips, or just some entertaining videos, Armaan Malik’s channel has something for everyone. So, if you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to Family Fitness & follow Armaan’s journey as he navigates life with two wives & a passion for fitness and music.

Armaan Malik Net Worth

Armaan Malik is a 27-year-old YouTuber who runs a fitness family channel with his family. He has gained immense popularity and success through his channel & his net worth is now estimated to be $11 million USD as of 2023. His family is very well supported by his fame & fortune, and he has a net worth of around Rs. 1.1 crores INR.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Armaan also earns a monthly income of INR 1-2 Lacks from his TikTok videos, sponsorship & fashion influencer work. He is known for his dedication to fitness and healthy living & his channel is a source of inspiration and motivation for many people looking to improve their physical and mental well-being.

With his growing success, Armaan continues to inspire & encourage others to lead a healthy & active lifestyle. He is a true inspiration for those who want to make a positive change in their lives and achieve their fitness goals.

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Armaan Malik Biography

Real NameSandeep
DOBDecember 15, 1989
Birth PlaceAjmer, Rajasthan, India
Marital StatusMarried
Gender Male
Net Worth$11 million

Armaan Malik is a well-known fitness Youtuber, born on December 15, 1989, in Ajmer, Rajasthan. He is 33 years old as of 2022 & belongs to the Jat Muslim caste. He follows the Islam religion and has never shared his parents’ or siblings’ names.

Armaan completed his graduation from the University of Delhi & is a national of India. He stands at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 82 kg. He has black hair & his net worth is around Rs. 1.1 crores INR, although the exact amount is not known.

Armaan’s fitness channel on YouTube has gained a large following due to his dedication to fitness and healthy living. He regularly posts videos on workout routines, healthy eating & tips for leading a healthy lifestyle. His channel also features videos of him & his family, giving his followers a glimpse into their personal lives.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Armaan also earns a significant amount of money through TikTok videos, sponsorships & fashion influencer work. His monthly income is estimated to be between INR 1-2 Lacks.

Armaan is also known for his fashion sense & often shares pictures of his outfits on social media. He is a style icon and has a large fan following who look up to him for fashion inspiration.

In a nutshell, Armaan Malik is a young and successful Youtuber, who has been able to create a loyal fanbase with his fitness channel. He’s also a fashion icon with an impressive income from various sources. He’s a role model for many young people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle & achieve success in their chosen field.

Armaan Malik Career

Armaan Malik, the talented and has recently made his mark as a successful Youtuber as well. He started his career by opening his own YouTube channel titled Family Fitness on 18 January 2017. With over 965k subscribers, he has been able to establish himself as a prominent Youtuber in the Indian entertainment industry.

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On his YouTube channel, Armaan uploads a variety of videos including vlogs, fitness videos, lip-sync videos & short videos. He uploaded his first video on 25 February 2019 and since then, has been consistently creating content for his viewers. His YouTube channel has been able to gather a huge fan following due to his unique & entertaining videos.

One of his most popular videos on YouTube is the funny video titled “hadsa kahin bhi ho sakta hai”, which has over 10 million views. It is a testament to his comedic talent & the ability to connect with his audience.

Armaan Malik channel is another channel that Armaan owns and runs. This channel is focused on providing lifestyle & travel content. Armaan shares his personal experiences and tips on how to live a healthy and fulfilling life. He also shares his travel experiences & gives advice on how to make the most of your travels.

Apart from YouTube, Armaan has also made a name for himself on TikTok. He started making TikTok videos with his girlfriend (at that time) Kritika Malik & gained huge popularity in a very short period. When TikTok was banned in India, he switched from TikTok to Instagram Reels & MX Taka Tak. He has over 8.6 million followers on his TikTok account.

Armaan Malik Cars & Houses Collection

Armaan is a car lover and has a great collection of cars. He has a Mahindra XUV500. He is often seen driving these cars in his vlogs and also shares his love for cars on his social media. Armaan Malik is a successful YouTuber & has a great collection of houses. He has a luxurious apartment in Mumbai. He also has a house in his hometown. He is often seen sharing pictures & videos of his houses on his social media with his family.

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Armaan Malik Salary/Income

As a successful YouTuber, Armaan Malik has built up a substantial income from his channel. According to reports, his salary and income are believed to be in the six-figure range, with the majority of his income coming from advertising revenue, sponsorships, and other monetization methods on YouTube.

In addition to his income from YouTube, Armaan Malik also earns money from other sources such as brand partnerships and collaborations. He is also a highly sought-after fitness coach and personal trainer, with many clients looking to him for guidance on their own fitness goals.

Despite his success, Armaan Malik remains humble and dedicated to his passion for fitness. He is always looking for ways to give back to his community and inspire others to live healthy and active lifestyles. With his growing popularity and influence, it is clear that Armaan Malik will continue to be a leading voice in the world of fitness for years to come.

Armaan Malik Family – Parents, Wife, Girlfriend & Kids

Armaan is married to two wives, Payal Malik and Kritika Malik. He was first married to Payal in 2011 & later he got married to Kritika. His first marriage is legal whereas his second marriage is not legal according to Indian laws. The couple met through his first wife Payal & later Armaan and Kritika became friends and fell in love with each other. He got permission from his first wife to get married to Kritika.

However, their relationship was not without its challenges. Payal’s brother and sisters provoked Payal against Armaan & told her that his character is not good. Payal’s family accused him of rape allegations then he decided for suicide & shoot one suicide message video but Armaan’s family saved him and the controversy ended. Despite these challenges, the couple was able to overcome them and they got married again on 13 October 2018.

Armaan is also a father to a son named Chirayu Malik. He lives with his both wife and son in Mumbai. He is a loving father and husband and his family is very important to him. He is often seen posting pictures & videos of his family on his social media accounts, showing the world the special bond that they share.

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